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Don’t talk to police

This is still the best statement on why  you should never talk to police.   Don’t Talk to Police Don’t Talk to Police Part 2

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State Supreme Court refuses to entertain conditional guilty pleas

The state of Colorado Supreme Court announced in an opinion that conditional guilty pleas will not be allowed.  Conditional guilty pleas are fairly common in federal courts under FRCP 11(a)(2), and were previously used in this state to allow an accused party to plead guilty to a

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The 4th Amendment, Vehicle searches, and Jay-Z’s song 99 Problems verse two.

This article from the St. Louis University law school is an analysis of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against searches of vehicles, illustrated with Jay-Zs second verse of the song 99 Problems; and is brilliant.     3B2DN3B64DCW

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June 7, 2012 Court of Appeals; Affirmative defense instructions

2012 COA 91. No. 09CA2681. People v. Taylor. Conspiracy to Distribute—Unlawful Search—Challenge for Cause—Entrapment Instruction—Affirmative Defense. Defendant appealed the judgment of conviction entered on a jury verdict finding him guilty of conspiracy to distribute a schedule II controlled substance. This judgment was affirmed, but the case is

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Colorado Court of Appeals 10/28/2011

No. 08CA1123. People v. King. Possession—Controlled Substance—Strip Search—Warrant—Fourth Amendment—Knock and Announce. Defendant appealed the judgment of conviction entered on jury verdicts finding him guilty of possession of a schedule II controlled substance. The case was remanded with directions. Defendant contended that the trial court erred in concluding

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