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How to begin an attorney-client relationship by the Arizona Bar

How to Talk to Your Lawyer Welcome Candid and timely communication between you and your lawyer is essential for effective representation and can be crucial to the successful outcome of your legal matter. This information is designed to help you better understand the process of working with a

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Report on exoneration of previously convicted defendants

The National Registry of Exonerations tracks cases of exonerated defendants, those who were found guilty but later determined to be innocent of their crimes, and indicates in recent reporting that with 891 exonerations, and 1170 mass releases of accused parties due primarily to police misconduct and fabrication

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June 7, 2012 Court of Appeals; Affirmative defense instructions

2012 COA 91. No. 09CA2681. People v. Taylor. Conspiracy to Distribute—Unlawful Search—Challenge for Cause—Entrapment Instruction—Affirmative Defense. Defendant appealed the judgment of conviction entered on a jury verdict finding him guilty of conspiracy to distribute a schedule II controlled substance. This judgment was affirmed, but the case is

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Court of Appeals summary for June 21, 2012 announced case: 2012 COA 99. No.10CA0651. People v. Arzabala.

2012 COA 99. No.10CA0651. People v. Arzabala. Vehicular Assault—Leaving the Scene of an Accident—Evidence—Double Jeopardy—Unit of Prosecution—Jury Instructions—Prosecutorial Misconduct—Testimony. Defendant appealed the judgment of conviction entered on jury verdicts finding him guilty of two counts of vehicular assault (reckless); two counts of leaving the scene of an

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USCIS publishes information about the new Deferred Action program

The USCIS is still generating the rules and process to apply for deferred action under the DREAM Act criteria; however, some new and important information is contained in their latest post.  This program is not currently in place, so you cannot apply until USCIS publishes rules on

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Doubts about the new DREAM act and deferred action, and likely USCIS response

President Obama announced the new program guideline for DREAM eligible immigrants to apply for a form of deferred or suspended action.  The program sounds quite good on paper, but the practical side of this program may be nullified by resistance from the very agency required to follow

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Court of Appeals, April 12, 2012

2012 COA 57. No. 09CA0781. People v. Douglas, Jr. Attempted Sexual Assaulton a Child—Enticement and Solicitation—Internet Luring and Sexual Exploitation—Evidence—Intent and Motive—Expert or Lay Witness Testimony—Prosecutorial Misconduct—Consecutive Sentences. Defendant appealed the judgment of conviction entered on jury verdicts finding him guilty of attempted sexual assault on a

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Court of Appeals Dec. 22, 2011

No. 08CA1884. People v. Marsh. Sexual Assault on a Child—Sexual Exploitation of a Child—Evidence—Internet Cache—Possession—Psychologist–Patient Privilege—Waiver—Continuance—Challenge for Cause—C.R.E. 404(a)—Relevance—Lay Opinion Testimony. Defendant appealed  jury verdicts finding him guilty of nine counts: three counts of sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust, two

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New Jersey Supreme Court on eyewitness identification

The New Jersey Supreme Court issued an opinion that substantially changes eyewitness identification procedures in that state;  Colorado will be asked to follow suit, after research in this field shows eyewitnesses are prone to mistaken identifications.  This is another win for the Innocence Project, and Barry Sheck. 

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Colo. Ct. App. 10/28/10

Colorado Court of Appeals Opinions October 28, 2010 The Court of Appeals summaries are written for the Colorado Bar Association by licensed attorneys Teresa Wilkins (Denver) and Paul Sachs (Steamboat Springs). Please note that the summaries of Opinions of the Colorado Court of Appeals are provided as

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