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Fall DUI enforcement is the riskiest time to drive

DOT publishes arrest statistics for the entire year, and back in time several years. A brief look at the actual numbers shows the most arrests for impaired driving are right now; in Autumn, after Labor Day, during both the Fall Festival Enforcement, a 46 day time period,

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The lawyer’s most important work is before trial even begins:

From a study done by Judge Hoffman in Denver, over a decade ago, but still important now.  He analysed data provided by State Judicial, and found public defenders generally represented clients who received on average, three to five years more incarceration than those represented by private attorneys.

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CO Driver’s license for undocumented immigrants

The Colorado legislature passed a measure to approve driver’s licenses for undocumented residents: but not until August 1, 2014. Licensing for undocumented individuals in Colorado after 8/1/2014 Highlights: After August 1, 2014, you no longer need to prove legal residency as an immigrant in this state to obtain

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Don’t talk to police

This is still the best statement on why  you should never talk to police.   Don’t Talk to Police Don’t Talk to Police Part 2

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Report on exoneration of previously convicted defendants

The National Registry of Exonerations tracks cases of exonerated defendants, those who were found guilty but later determined to be innocent of their crimes, and indicates in recent reporting that with 891 exonerations, and 1170 mass releases of accused parties due primarily to police misconduct and fabrication

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The 4th Amendment, Vehicle searches, and Jay-Z’s song 99 Problems verse two.

This article from the St. Louis University law school is an analysis of the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against searches of vehicles, illustrated with Jay-Zs second verse of the song 99 Problems; and is brilliant.     3B2DN3B64DCW

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CDOT announces Colorado DUI enforcement beginning June 29, to July 5

“The Colorado State Patrol and 82 law enforcement agencies are increasing DUI enforcement from Friday, June 29 through July 5th as part of the summer’s “100 Days of Heat” DUI crackdown. At least six DUI checkpoints are planned starting Friday night through the weekend. And hundreds of

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Colorado Lawyer 101; Never talk to police

Professor James Duane explains a host of reasons why anyone accused of a crime should hesitate before making statements to police. If you receive a ticket for a Colorado DUI or Colorado Traffic Violation, or for any Colorado Criminal Charge,  it is important to secure competent affordable legal

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Colorado Court of Appeals 10/28/2011

No. 08CA1123. People v. King. Possession—Controlled Substance—Strip Search—Warrant—Fourth Amendment—Knock and Announce. Defendant appealed the judgment of conviction entered on jury verdicts finding him guilty of possession of a schedule II controlled substance. The case was remanded with directions. Defendant contended that the trial court erred in concluding

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Colo. Supreme, 10/25/2010

No. 09SC322. Montes-Rodriguez v. People. Criminal Impersonation Statute—False or Fictitious Identity or Capacity. The Supreme Court reversed defendant’s conviction under the criminal impersonation statute, CRS § 18-5-113(1)(e), because defendant did not assume a “false or fictitious identity or capacity.” Montes-Rodriguez applied for a vehicle loan using a

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