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State Supreme Court refuses to entertain conditional guilty pleas

The state of Colorado Supreme Court announced in an opinion that conditional guilty pleas will not be allowed.  Conditional guilty pleas are fairly common in federal courts under FRCP 11(a)(2), and were previously used in this state to allow an accused party to plead guilty to a

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Report on exoneration of previously convicted defendants

The National Registry of Exonerations tracks cases of exonerated defendants, those who were found guilty but later determined to be innocent of their crimes, and indicates in recent reporting that with 891 exonerations, and 1170 mass releases of accused parties due primarily to police misconduct and fabrication

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Court of Appeals summary for June 21, 2012 announced case: 2012 COA 99. No.10CA0651. People v. Arzabala.

2012 COA 99. No.10CA0651. People v. Arzabala. Vehicular Assault—Leaving the Scene of an Accident—Evidence—Double Jeopardy—Unit of Prosecution—Jury Instructions—Prosecutorial Misconduct—Testimony. Defendant appealed the judgment of conviction entered on jury verdicts finding him guilty of two counts of vehicular assault (reckless); two counts of leaving the scene of an

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Park County District Attorney’s race explodes into mud-slinging

The Park County District Attorney’s Office was up for grabs in a recent electoral race; and just before ballots were mailed out, apparently the challenger Dagna Van Der Jagt in conjunction with Park County Undersheriff Monte Gore alleged an ethical violation against the incumbent Thomas LeDoux.  Mr.

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